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What You'll Get:

Most people know that adding solar will save thousands on utility costs; however, adding solar to your home can be a costly proposition. Fusion's incredible product offerings allow you to get set up for no down payment.  Your first monthly bill won't be due until after your solar system installation is complete.  And the best part is that your new, lower, monthly solar payment will replace your high utility bill, cutting your summer bills in half!​

Premium Duct Sealing by Aeroseal - FREE

Did you know that your air ducts have hundreds of little cracks and holes that result in wasted energy?  In fact, in just one minute, most homes lose 50-100 cubic feet of air conditioning into their attics. That's like filling 100 basketballs per minute, all going to waste!  Aersoseal will pressurize your ducts, shooting a sealant throughout your ductwork to seal up all those little holes and tears, dramatically reducing the lost energy, and lost money that you have been wasting.

Extended System Warranties - FREE

In addition to our 25-year panel warranty, and 10-year roof warranty, we are also offering a 25-year inverter warranty at no extra charge!

As part of our summer promotion, we are offering Aeroseal as an added, no-cost, bonus to our amazing solar package.  We’ll seal up your leaky air ducts to make your home more efficient so that you stop wasting energy and money. 

A Complete Solar System - $0 out of pocket!

That’s a $2700 value!

$0 Out of pocket costs!

When you switch to the new solar rate program, you don't have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to save money!

​Lock in your rates moving forward!

You won't have to worry about what your monthly electricity bill will look like, as you'll be able to have a FIXED solar bill that is LOWER than your current Bill !


When you switch to Solar, you may qualify for THOUSANDS of dollars in Federal and State tax credits!

Get paid to collect CLEAN energy.

When you switch to Solar, you may qualify for THOUSANDS of dollars in Federal and State tax credits!

Find out if your home qualifies!


Reasons Why

All your neighbors are making the SMART switch to solar

Predictable Monthly Bills

Fusion Power offers clients a way to save on their utility bill. Some customers have even been able to cut their summer A/C bill in half. Contact us today to learn how you can start saving money to keep in your pocket.

Locked in Rates

A fixed solar rate will help simplify your budget, giving you one less bill to worry about. Ready to see your power bill remain at a consistent rate for the next 20 years?

25 Year Warranty

Our warranty ensures both product quality and the highest power production in the industry.  It’s the best warranty you may never have to use. But if you do, we make it simple and quick.

We Love What We Do!

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the newest and most efficient solar products in the market. From our high-efficiency solar modules, to our optimizers and inverters, we ensure that your system will produce exactly what we promise, or your money back, guaranteed.

Read what our customers SAY about us...

We can go on for days about how much we believe in the solar process, but take it from our customers who TOOK CONTROL of their energy!

"I love my solar system.  I had all but given up on owning my own system until I met Logan and his team. They made it an easy process and answered all my questions.  Now we have low power bills during summer months."

Cassie F.


"We couldn’t be happier with our new solar system. This team was so helpful through the sale, the installation, and the follow-up!"

Shawn M.


"It’s exciting to see my daily energy usage and know that I am saving money even with four kids and a pool.  I get to run my AC whenever I want!"

Erica N.