We keep you ahead of the curve with the latest solar technology available.

We are proud to offer our customers the most efficient solar products in the market.

From our high-efficiency solar modules, to our optimizers and inverters, we ensure that your system will produce exactly what we promise, or your money back!

20 Year Equipment Warranty

We provide the best equipment on the market. All of our panels come with 20-25 year warranties, along with 12-25 year warranties on our inverters as well.


Along with equipment peace of mind, you will also be able monitor your solar system’s production to see how much it produces each day! Productions guarantees ensure that you get exactly what you pay for.


Efficient Panels

As solar technology improves over time, Fusion Power offers the latest and greatest, state of the art, solar panels on the market. We have access to any brand and efficiency available, at the very best price for our qualified customers.

High Quality Inverter

When it comes to solar inverters, it’s important to use the most efficient equipment on the market. As solar panels produce DC current, your inverter(s) will convert the power to usable electricity in your home.


To ensure that your solar system will always provide you with power, we use solar optimizers or micro inverters which keep the system producing, even if an individual solar module stops working.


Installation Done Right

Fusion Power is Arizona’s #1 installing solar provider. We operate in several states, offering a seamless process to bring solar savings to our customers.


Solar installation is a fairly involved process and communication along the way is key to keeping your expectations met. At each step along the process, you will receive friendly calls, emails and/or texts to keep you apprised of your progress.

First, we will meet to discuss your energy needs, design a system, and determine your savings.


Next, our install partners will assess your roof and electric panel to ensure that your home is a good solar candidate. If you need roof work or electrical work, we will typically take care of the cost.


Then, we will send in your application to the utility company as well as the city for permitting.


Once application and permits are approved, we will schedule your installation.


After install, the city will inspect the work and we will file for final approval from the utility to activate your system.


Once you receive permission to operate, we will turn your system on and celebrate with you as you begin to enjoy solar savings!


Our Process

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